One of the most used diets in the weight loss world in today’s time is the Pure Yacon Syrup diet. For those who have not yet heard of it, this diet has been created by a Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Dr. Simeons specializes in obesity and weight control. He has written a manuscript about it entitled “Pounds and Inches”. He have been studying and researching the hcg hormone and how it affects the localized fats in the human body for several years before he finally conceptualized the diet. People were a bit hesitant about it at first but once they saw how safe and effective it was, news have spread like wildfire. Since then, the diet has been one of the most sought after diets among all others.

The hcg diet is actually a diet program that is being comprised of three phases: the Loading Phase, the Maintenance Phase and the Stabilization Phase. The meat of the diet is the Maintenance Phase however, both the Loading Phase and the Stabilization Phase are of equal importance because it supports the Maintenance Phase. Without it, the entire diet would just collapse and be deemed useless. Needless to say, each phase has a purpose and should be done as instructed in order for the diet to give off maximum results. Only go for the best vitamin c serum.
The first part of the Pure Yacon Syrup diet, the Loading Phases, is supposedly meant for preparing the body with enough stored fats or reserves to last the body for the entire duration of the Maintenance Phase. It does so by requiring the individual to take in as much calories as the body can handle. By the time the Maintenance Phase comes and the body is made to limit itself to a five hundred calorie diet, the stored fats from the Loading Phase will now be maximized. Finally, when the Stabilization Phase comes, the body will then be allowed to go back up to a higher calorie intake (eight hundred for women and one thousand for men) however, it will be trained to regulate such requirement. By the time the diet ends, the body would have gotten used to keeping that level and therefore will have no difficulty in maintaining it.

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